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Recieve PayPal Money in Pakistan easily
No Need For PayPal Account We Provide Ours
Freelancer Great News now you don’t have to worry for receiving PayPal money
in Pakistan or waiting for your friend abroad to send you the money for many
days, from this system you can receive the money within two days directly in
your bank account, Follow our simple four steps.
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“I got my first payment throught money in pakistan...I can now receive money from my freelancers and can withdraw it throught moneyinpakistan.....Thank you money in pakist”
Money in Pakistan
Room 136, Mall Plaza
Rawalpindi, Pakistan
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Disclaimer: We have no direct link with PayPal we are just using PayPal business account to send money from our us bank account to Pakistan and provide
services for our fellow Pakistani to receive their payment easily. There is no hundi or illegal activity involved everything is accomplished with proper channel.

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